Sulbing. a dessert café with a new paradigm,
is introducing healthy Korean desserts to the world.

With directly-managed stores opening in 2013,
Sulbing is leading the culture of Korean traditional dessert
as the leading Korean dessert café brand.

We ceaselessly challenge the market anddevelop innovative menu items.

This is how we provide various healthy desserts that are creative and popular, made withKorean traditional food ingredients of  the four seasons.

On the other hand, we think it is the result of the efforts that we make the place where everyone sympathize, enjoy to stay.

But Sulbing will not stay satisfied with our current position: We will try our best to improve the quality, taste, and service to enhance customer satisfaction.

In addition, we will try our best to sustain our place in the food services industry by making an environment in which customers can feel healed , with customers’ well-being and satisfaction being the priority.

Also, we will lead the Korean dessert from Korea to the world.

Jeong Sun Hee, CEO, Sulbing sulbing_ceo_sign